Bulls launch Pitch Maintenance Fund.

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In normal seasons pitch renovations at Edgar Street would be well underway by now but the COVID-19 pandemic has halted all but essential spending at the Club.

This means that no renovations have started and the pitch is beginning to look a little sorry for itself thanks to the limited work and the extremely dry weather through May.

Groundsman Ben Bowen and Highground Maintenance have outlined a plan of works to bring the pitch up to scratch for when football restarts but, with the Club having received only limited income since their last home match at the end of February, the Club is not currently in a position to fund this work, with a total cost of around £7,500.

Thanks to the Football Foundation’s Pitch Preparation Fund, Club Secretary Martin Watson has secured a grant of £1,500 towards the work but that still leaves £6,000 outstanding.

We know our supporters appreciate Ben’s work and the quality of the pitch, and now we would like our supporters to assist Ben in producing another pitch to be proud of by donating to our new Pitch Maintenance Fund.

The Pitch Maintenance Fund is open now and you can donate by clicking this link – https://www.flowte.me/storefront/index.php?v=702

Donations via Cheque can also be posted to the Club.

The Club will produce a special digital programme on the Edgar Street pitch to commemorate the fundraising. Every donator will have their name in the programme, while those donating £50 or more will be entered into a draw to win one of a number of special Hereford FC experiences in the coming season.

These experiences will include being a Director for the Day at a match, mascot packages, and joining the manager for a pre-match chat in his office before a game.