Hereford FC Chairman Andrew Graham calls for a united approach to the future. 

Speaking at the Club, Graham said; “There is no doubt that the last few months have been surreal for us as a football club, for our sponsors, fans and all those involved with the Club.

Whilst we still don’t know exactly what the ‘new normal’ looks like for Hereford FC, there has been an incredible amount of hard work behind the scenes allowing us to move in parallel with the wider society, whilst ensuring that we are best positioned as a football club, for when we are presented with more clarity and guidelines towards resumption of live events at Edgar Street and football in general.

I have previously thanked our fans, sponsors, clients, service providers, volunteers, staff, HUST, Talking Bull, Radio Hereford FC, shareholders and the Board, for all of the time and energy that has been put in throughout the season and beyond. We wouldn’t be here, but for your’ efforts and involvement. Your support, commitment and loyalty has collectively, played an enormous part in our ability to progress, our successes, and our sustainability to date.

I am happy that HFC and HUST are working together, tirelessly to provide a united front, collectively looking to deliver on what fans require, whilst ensuring that the best interest of the Club always takes precedence.

As we gradually come out of lockdown, let me take this opportunity to once again thank you all, for your part in the Hereford FC story to date and I sincerely look forward to your continued support and loyalty during our journey towards the Football League.”  

Graham continued; “it is amazing to see so many of our supporters prepared to get behind what we do as a Club and our sponsors who return year after year, because that helps us to see that relationships remain positive and intact. There is an incredible passion for Hereford FC and for our beloved stadium but more importantly, a sense of belonging for our fans and community, which I believe is unrivalled.

Much will change this season. More interaction with Sponsors, more information updates for shareholders and Supporters groups, more involvement in our Community and hopefully more of a feel that we are all together in our desire for success at Edgar Street.

Thank you, please continue to get behind the Bulls and continue with your support for our wonderful Club, please take care of your families and friends during this difficult time and I look forward to seeing you all at Edgar Street, when business returns to normal.”