Hereford based Personal Trainer Stefan Tilinca is now accepting bookings for sports massage therapy.

🫤 Struggling with sports injuries?

🫤 Feel like you’re at the desk 24/7?

🫤 Not feeling yourself?

🫤 Constant exercise niggles?

🫤 Trying to improve your health?

🫤 Aches and pains from work?

Sports massage 😀

It is an effective way to reduce muscular tension, pain, and discomfort and restore balance in musculoskeletal system. Regular massages will reduce your risk of injury, improve your recovery time post-workout, enable you to exercise more frequently and ensure any little tweaks or niggles don’t turn into something bigger and nastier.

Benefits of sports massage: 👇

😃 Increased joint mobility and flexibility

😃 Improved skin tone

😃 Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

😃 Heightened mental alertness

😃 Reduced anxiety and depression

😃 Reduced muscle tension

😃 Improved circulation

😃 Stimulation of the lymphatic system

😃 Reduction of stress hormones

😃 Relaxation

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