Did you know that Hereford Rugby Club is 150 years old? You do now!

The club played its first match at the Harold Street Army Barracks ground in Hereford in season 1870/71 and played at twelve other locations around the city before settling in Rockfield Road in 1950s before moving to its current home nearly 40 years ago!

Hereford Rugby Club are celebrating this anniversary by using the theme ‘from tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow’

The under 18s started in the 1960s and the mini and youth sections started when the club had more pitches with the move to Wyeside in 1984. Hereford Rugby Club now have hundreds of youngsters being taught discipline, respect and teamwork whilst also enjoying fitness fun and friendship every week.

The club are planting a Red leaf Oak tree at Wyeside and we’re assisted by the current Mayor of Hereford Paul Stevens and last years Mayor Kath Hey. This is to commemorate the last 150 years and hopefully another 150 to follow.

The clubs community ethos has been shown by them working closely with 21 local schools that have supplied the club with players over the years and Hereford Rugby Club will be giving them 20 saplings each to plant this autumn as a thank you to them.

The pupils will plant, maintain and learn valuable eco lessons accordingly by monitoring the six different wildlife varieties  which will of course blossom and produce flowers and berries, and attract insects birds and bees.

So in total, thanks to this community collaboration, a total of 421 trees will be planted in Hereford by way of celebration and this will therefore help the local community and enhance the future of this wonderful city.

Hereford Rugby Club would like to thank their many sponsors as it would not have been possible without the generosity of them. A special shout out to Wyevale Nurseries, The Woodland Trust and Advance Joinery Pontrilas.