Sick of the cold spell already? Not a fan of Spring snow? Well you might just have to get used to it, that’s according to Bryan from Herefordshire Weather Watch.

Bryan posted on the Herefordshire Weather Watch Facebook page earlier and said:

“Looking forward to the next week or two and things don’t seem to change much with cold mornings leading to sunny and cloudy days with temperatures around 8-10c.

“The cold upper air temperatures keep pushing away and returning bringing the winter we’ve seen and it doesn’t look like it’s going to pass that quickly.

“Even though showers have been very light there is a system I’m currently watching for next weekend (17th April) that is still some time away yet so we can’t be 100% sure but the colder air meets the slightly milder air and where these two meet could see a covering of the white stuff.

“Please remember that this is only theory at this stage at this timescale but what we can say is that things will remain pretty much like they are for the next 7-10 days with no sign of them warmer days just yet.”

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