Unite blasts government weakness on taxing oil firms as BP profits soar to £23 billion.

BP sees biggest profits in history for 2022, as they double to £23 billion.

BP’s bonanza profits come after Shell reports earnings of £32 billion, bringing the combined total profits of the top two energy companies in Britain to a record £55 billion.

Meanwhile, millions of families can’t heat their homes.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “When is the government going to get real about taking on oil giants’ profiteering? Its inadequate Energy Profit Levy, which promises windfall tax returns, is too weak to deliver and is allowing BP to bring in obscene profits from the energy crisis.     

“Contrast the Sunak government’s weakness and dithering with the Norwegian government, which takes billions more out of North Sea oil profits than the UK. In Sunak’s Britain millions cannot afford to heat their homes, businesses can’t pay their fuel bills, while Big Oil is laughing all the way to the bank.”