Approximately 40 people from Insulate Britain have blocked the M25 at Junction 31 and the London Road A1090 near the Dartford Crossing today. They are demanding that Boris gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes starting with the homes of the poorest people in the country.   

The block on the M25 is in breach of the injunction granted to National Highways on 22nd September.

This is the thirteenth time that Insulate Britain has caused disruption on motorways and A roads as part of the campaign of civil resistance over the past four weeks. 

Liam Norton from Insulate Britain said:

“In 10 years time when fuel crises are catastrophic, when the food has run out and when people are experiencing unsurvivable heat waves, what would you be wishing you had done now?

“We think you’ll be wishing you had sat on the road with Insulate Britain doing whatever it took to protect current and future generations. So come join us on the road.”

The action coincides with the release of a report from Shelter which reveals that the health of one in five renters (22%) in England – or 1.9 million households – is being harmed by poor housing. Millions of renters are living in homes “that make them sick because they are mouldy, cold, unaffordable and grossly insecure”. The charity’s YouGov poll found that damp and mould and being unable to heat their home affects 26% of all renters. [1]

Dr. Diana Warner, an Insulate Britain supporter, said: 

“Many people are going out of their way to thank us. Some come out of their cars to thank us, some are police officers involved with our arrests. To them, we bring hope – we haven’t yet given up. We are still pushing for life saving changes.

“It is a big step to move from thanking us to taking action. But if you make some move to help us, however small, you will be helping us to achieve change. Please check out the website “

Insulate Britain is calling on the UK government to take responsibility for and fully fund a national home insulation programme. We demand the Prime Minister and the government, face up to their responsibility and lead our country through the climate crisis. Our actions will continue until the government makes a meaningful statement indicating its intention to insulate all of Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030, and all social housing by 2025.