Hereford “City Zipper” is an electric bus service connecting Hereford’s transport hubs with its cultural, retail and hospitality quarters as well as the city’s principal health facilities.

The “City Zipper’s” aim is to showcase quality zeroemission public transport which, through its accessibility and convenience, will encourage people not to use their cars when accessing the core of the city. A ‘frequest’, turn
up and go service will minimise the need for users to consult a timetable.

The service will be for a diverse ridership: residents (as 75% of trips into town are from other parts of Hereford), scholars and students, visitors seeking out the cultural sites, and those accessing retail and hospitality venues. A person arriving on a rural or inter-urban bus would find
it easy to interchange for the hospital, saving time and avoiding parking hassle. Visitors arriving by train would hop on and off the service to reach attractions, shops, inns and cafés in different parts of the city.

By targeting several markets the service will not only deliver real social value but also increase footfall and visitor spending without contributing to congestion and C02 emissions. The bus service’s bespoke brand will promote the city’s core values and heritage on its vehicles, in its literature and through its city stops. Driver training will include a thorough knowledge of the city and customer care. The “City Zipper” will be part of the welcome, adding to the urban fabric of Hereford.

The route will include the Station Medical Centre, Hereford Transport Hub and Railway Station, student accommodation, County Hospital, the Country and City Bus Stations, the Town Hall, St Owen Street (for Castle Green and Riverside), Maylord Shopping Centre, High Town, Broad Street (for cathedral and library), Hereford Leisure Pool and Old Market retail complex.

This project will help achieve our priorities around a sustainable green agenda for Hereford and provide access to key tourism and retail assets in the City Centre and enhance the travel options for residents. It will deliver the following Towns Fund Intervention Framework outcomes:

  1. Enhanced townscape that is more attractive and more accessible to residents, businesses and visitors
  2. Improved affordability, convenience, reliability and sustainability of travel options to and from places of work
  3. Enhanced high street and town centre experience that prioritises the health, safety and mobility of pedestrians