Herefordshire County Council considered reports and recommendations regarding the Hereford Transport Package at a meeting today (Friday 27 July) at Shire Hall following shortlisting in January 2018.

A public consultation was carried out through February and March to assess the public view of the Hereford Transport Package, including proposed bypass routes and active travel measures. Following today’s cabinet approval, the red route will now be taken forward for further scheme development and consultation later this year.

Cabinet approved the red route from a selection of shortlisted possibilties

Considerable work has been undertaken by the the County Council to assess environmental, engineering, economic and traffic factors affecting the different routes. Based on this technical work and the public consultation feedback, detailed reports were produced to recommend the red route as the preferred bypass route corridor.

The route takes a path along the West side of the city and crosses the River Wye at Breinton.
Cllr Philip Price, cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “We are committed to keeping local residents and businesses fully updated and involved, and we encourage people to take part in the further consultation later this year. Your feedback is vital in helping to shape how we move forward.

“The proposed bypass will improve connectivity to the rest of the UK, create the infrastructure to enable business growth and support new housing, improve options for walking and cycling and help to alleviate Hereford’s traffic congestion problems. It is of huge strategic value for the entire region.”

The full agenda from this morning’s meeting can be found here.