Herefordshire Council announced on Friday that it will submit an application to the Department for Transport (DfT) for new moving traffic enforcement (MTE) powers.

If successful, the new powers would be in place by the end of 2022, and would enable the council to carry out some enforcement of specified moving traffic offences, helping to improve safety and congestion, and encourage active travel. 

In July 2020, Government announced plans to improve cycling and walking uptake across the country in Gear change. As part of this strategy, the Department for Transport (DfT) have begun the process to enable new regulations to provide for Local Authorities to enforce moving traffic contraventions.

Enforcement will be provided through approved camera devices that can detect traffic offences, where a trained Civil Enforcement Officer will then administer a Penalty Charge Notice when appropriate. Enforcement for the most serious offences will still be retained by the police.

A public consultation was carried out between 3 March and 15 April 2022, showing strong support for more effective enforcement, particularly near schools.

The two initial sites are at Commercial Road and East Street, and will improve safety, congestion and air quality, and stop the high numbers of vehicles using East Street to rat run. The proposed sites are based on the history of complaints or incidents in the vicinity, and the Council plans to expand to new sites next year.

Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet member for Infrastructure and Transport, said:Ā ā€œThe change in national law now permits Local Authorities to enforce breaches of laws and regulations that previously the police were expected to enforce. The intention with any enforcement is to promote compliance with existing restrictions, and the concept behind doing this with cameras is to explore areas in the county where compliance in the past has not been as effective as we would have liked.

ā€œWe need to be sensible about how to enforce transgressions, which residents throughout the county regularly express their dissatisfaction over. Letā€™s not forget that people who will get fined are breaking the law or contravening regulations, and a large proportion of those who do it will do so repeatedly because there is no or minimal police enforcement. The change in national law allows us as a Council to step up and do that.

ā€œIn the case of moving traffic contraventions such as weight limit breaches or going the wrong way down a one way street, for example, enforcement powers were previously held by the police and an officer would need to witness a driver breaking the rules, stop the vehicle, establish who is driving, and serve them a Fixed Penalty Notice. This process requires investment and resource which, quite frankly, our police forces donā€™t have anymore.

ā€œThe change in the regulations announced by the UK Government will mean that councils will be able to deal with these matters in the same way that it does parking, with the registered owner being held liable and notified via the post. Due to this change, cameras would then become the most effective tool to identify contraventions, ensure maximum compliance and promote safety on our roads, which is ultimately the aim.

ā€œThe issuing of penalties will not be automated – all penalties will be reviewed by a trained enforcement officer prior to issue, and there will be an appeals process in place just as there is with parking.ā€

These new powers will enable enforcement of the following restrictions by camera:

One way streets

Banned turns

Pedestrian zones

No entries

Yellow boxed junctions

Cycle and bus routes

Restricted access/weight limits

Stopping on school keep clear markings

Herefordshire Council has indicated its intention to the Department for Transport to adopt these powers in order to promote a safe environment for all road users and to allow traffic to flow freely.

The locations are also listed in the following table:

Location: A438 / A49 Junction (Steels), HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: A438 Eign Street / Aldi junction, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: A49 Edgar Street / Tesco roundabout, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: A49 Victoria Street / Barton Road, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: Bewell Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: No entry except access
Location: Blueschool Street / Widemarsh Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: No entry except access
Location: Blueschool Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: Broad Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: One way
Location: City Link Road / Widemarsh Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Banned turns
Location: Commercial Road / Stonebow Road, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: Commercial Road / Union Walk, HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: Commercial Square (outside The Kerry), HerefordVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: East Street, HerefordVehicle restriction type: No entry except access
Location: High Town (St Peters), HerefordVehicle restriction type: No entry except access
Location: Holme Lacy Road (Near Goodwin Way)Vehicle restriction type: Weight restriction
Location: Offa StreetVehicle restriction type: One way
Location: Prior StreetVehicle restriction type: No entry / one way
Location: Springfield Avenue / Hunderton Avenue)Vehicle restriction type: Contravention of no entry / one way
Location: Widemarsh / Conningsby StreetVehicle restriction type: Yellow box
Location: Ginhall Lane / Green Lane, LeominsterVehicle restriction type: Banned turn
Location: C1259 from A40, GoodrichVehicle restriction type: 7.5t weight limit
Location: Knapp Lane, LedburyVehicle restriction type: 3.5t weight limit
Location: Town centre (various streets), BromyardVehicle restriction type: 7.5t weight limit
Location: All schoolsVehicle restriction type: Yellow no stopping zig zags