Like many other councils across the country, Herefordshire Council is facing significant financial challenges.

This is mainly because of rising costs due to inflation and the increased demand for both adult and children’s social care services.

The budget set today addresses these challenges and includes many positives for the county.

The budget for 2024/25 will be £210.5 million. As part of the efforts to balance the budget it includes total council tax increase of 4.99% (2.99% increase in core council tax and a 2% adult social care precept), along with £19.5million savings and efficiencies across council services.

Highlights of the budget include money allocated for: 

  • strategic housing development (£1 million),
  • a cancellation of the planned general parking charge increase (£0.4 million),
  • additional investment in the Leominster Heritage Action Zone (£0.3 million),
  • funding to assist the community and voluntary sector (£0.200 million)
  • funding for Officer support to Parish and Town Councils (£0.056 million),
  • further investment to maintain Library opening hours (£0.055 million)
  • a transfer to the Financial Resilience earmarked reserve (£0.500 million).

Alongside this the additional Rural Services Delivery Grant of £0.945 million will be allocated:

  • to boost funding for the Lengthsman Scheme (£0.250 million),
  • to address the backlog of repairs on the Public Rights of Way Network (£0.250 million)
  • to address drainage issues in rural areas (£0.445 million).

Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader Herefordshire Council said: “Given the financial position many councils across the country are facing, to be able to pass a balanced budget is a significant achievement.

“It hasn’t been easy and we’ve had to take some tough decisions, but we’re confident this budget will support the long term prosperity of Herefordshire and its residents.

“During the budget process we have listened to residents, businesses and councillors.

“As a result we were able to put forward a budget that gained the support of councillors across the political spectrum and which cancels the planned increases in general parking charges and provides further investment for our Lengthsman Scheme, the Public Rights of Way network and drainage on our roads.

“On top of this we will be delivering a £13 million highway improvement plan in the upcoming financial year to help address the poor state of our roads.”

Council Tax for each valuation band and parish

By parish, including the police and fire precepts, in £ for 2024/25

See Parish council precepts for the precepts included in the figures below.

Parish: Abbeydore and Bacton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,537.71Band B: 1,793.99Band C: 2,050.28Band D: 2,306.56Band E: 2,819.13Band F: 3,331.69Band G: 3,844.27Band H: 4,613.12
Parish: Aconbury Parish MeetingBand A: 1,501.80Band B: 1,752.10Band C: 2,002.40Band D: 2,252.70Band E: 2,753.30Band F: 3,253.90Band G: 3,754.50Band H: 4,505.40
Parish: Acton Beauchamp Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,541.93Band B: 1,798.91Band C: 2,055.91Band D: 2,312.89Band E: 2,826.87Band F: 3,340.84Band G: 3,854.82Band H: 4,625.78
Parish: Allensmore Parish CouncilBand A: 1,515.93Band B: 1,768.59Band C: 2,021.25Band D: 2,273.90Band E: 2,779.21Band F: 3,284.52Band G: 3,789.83Band H: 4,547.80
Parish: Almeley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.15Band B: 1,802.68Band C: 2,060.21Band D: 2,317.73Band E: 2,832.78Band F: 3,347.83Band G: 3,862.88Band H: 4,635.46
Parish: Ashperton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,554.69Band B: 1,813.81Band C: 2,072.93Band D: 2,332.04Band E: 2,850.27Band F: 3,368.50Band G: 3,886.73Band H: 4,664.08
Parish: Aston Ingham Parish CouncilBand A: 1,544.18Band B: 1,801.54Band C: 2,058.91Band D: 2,316.27Band E: 2,831.00Band F: 3,345.72Band G: 3,860.45Band H: 4,632.54
Parish: Avenbury Parish CouncilBand A: 1,538.59Band B: 1,795.01Band C: 2,051.45Band D: 2,307.88Band E: 2,820.75Band F: 3,333.60Band G: 3,846.47Band H: 4,615.76
Parish: Aymestrey Parish CouncilBand A: 1,553.55Band B: 1,812.47Band C: 2,071.40Band D: 2,330.32Band E: 2,848.17Band F: 3,366.01Band G: 3,883.87Band H: 4,660.64
Parish: Ballingham, Bolstone and Hentland GroupBand A: 1,546.27Band B: 1,803.97Band C: 2,061.69Band D: 2,319.40Band E: 2,834.83Band F: 3,350.24Band G: 3,865.67Band H: 4,638.80
Parish: Bartestree and Lugwardine Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,543.62Band B: 1,800.89Band C: 2,058.16Band D: 2,315.43Band E: 2,829.97Band F: 3,344.51Band G: 3,859.05Band H: 4,630.86
Parish: Belmont Rural Parish CouncilBand A: 1,530.92Band B: 1,786.07Band C: 2,041.23Band D: 2,296.38Band E: 2,806.69Band F: 3,316.99Band G: 3,827.30Band H: 4,592.76
Parish: Birley with Upper Hill Parish CouncilBand A: 1,514.89Band B: 1,767.36Band C: 2,019.85Band D: 2,272.33Band E: 2,777.30Band F: 3,282.25Band G: 3,787.22Band H: 4,544.66
Parish: Bishop’s Frome Parish CouncilBand A: 1,549.33Band B: 1,807.54Band C: 2,065.77Band D: 2,323.99Band E: 2,840.44Band F: 3,356.87Band G: 3,873.32Band H: 4,647.98
Parish: Bishopstone Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,530.93Band B: 1,786.08Band C: 2,041.24Band D: 2,296.39Band E: 2,806.70Band F: 3,317.00Band G: 3,827.32Band H: 4,592.78
Parish: Bodenham Parish CouncilBand A: 1,523.17Band B: 1,777.03Band C: 2,030.90Band D: 2,284.76Band E: 2,792.49Band F: 3,300.21Band G: 3,807.93Band H: 4,569.52
Parish: Border Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,517.17Band B: 1,770.03Band C: 2,022.90Band D: 2,275.76Band E: 2,781.49Band F: 3,287.21Band G: 3,792.93Band H: 4,551.52
Parish: Bosbury and Coddington Parish CouncilBand A: 1,535.24Band B: 1,791.11Band C: 2,046.99Band D: 2,302.86Band E: 2,814.61Band F: 3,326.35Band G: 3,838.10Band H: 4,605.72
Parish: Brampton Abbots and Foy Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,539.78Band B: 1,796.41Band C: 2,053.04Band D: 2,309.67Band E: 2,822.93Band F: 3,336.19Band G: 3,849.45Band H: 4,619.34
Parish: Bredenbury and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,536.24Band B: 1,792.28Band C: 2,048.32Band D: 2,304.36Band E: 2,816.44Band F: 3,328.52Band G: 3,840.60Band H: 4,608.72
Parish: Breinton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,521.17Band B: 1,774.70Band C: 2,028.23Band D: 2,281.76Band E: 2,788.82Band F: 3,295.87Band G: 3,802.93Band H: 4,563.52
Parish: Bridstow Parish CouncilBand A: 1,518.27Band B: 1,771.31Band C: 2,024.36Band D: 2,277.40Band E: 2,783.49Band F: 3,289.57Band G: 3,795.67Band H: 4,554.80
Parish: Brilley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,565.33Band B: 1,826.22Band C: 2,087.11Band D: 2,348.00Band E: 2,869.78Band F: 3,391.55Band G: 3,913.33Band H: 4,696.00
Parish: Brimfield and Little Hereford Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,520.01Band B: 1,773.35Band C: 2,026.69Band D: 2,280.02Band E: 2,786.69Band F: 3,293.36Band G: 3,800.03Band H: 4,560.04
Parish: Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,533.00Band B: 1,788.50Band C: 2,044.00Band D: 2,299.50Band E: 2,810.50Band F: 3,321.50Band G: 3,832.50Band H: 4,599.00
Parish: Brockhampton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,521.76Band B: 1,775.38Band C: 2,029.02Band D: 2,282.64Band E: 2,789.90Band F: 3,297.14Band G: 3,804.40Band H: 4,565.28
Parish: Bromyard and Winslow Town CouncilBand A: 1,617.27Band B: 1,886.82Band C: 2,156.37Band D: 2,425.91Band E: 2,965.00Band F: 3,504.09Band G: 4,043.18Band H: 4,851.82
Parish: Burghill Parish CouncilBand A: 1,519.21Band B: 1,772.40Band C: 2,025.61Band D: 2,278.81Band E: 2,785.22Band F: 3,291.61Band G: 3,798.02Band H: 4,557.62
Parish: Callow and Haywood Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,537.11Band B: 1,793.29Band C: 2,049.48Band D: 2,305.66Band E: 2,818.03Band F: 3,330.39Band G: 3,842.77Band H: 4,611.32
Parish: Clehonger Parish CouncilBand A: 1,527.01Band B: 1,781.51Band C: 2,036.02Band D: 2,290.52Band E: 2,799.53Band F: 3,308.53Band G: 3,817.53Band H: 4,581.04
Parish: Clifford Parish CouncilBand A: 1,528.45Band B: 1,783.18Band C: 2,037.93Band D: 2,292.67Band E: 2,802.16Band F: 3,311.63Band G: 3,821.12Band H: 4,585.34
Parish: Colwall Parish Council (including Malvern Hills Trust (Colwall Parish Council))Band A: 1,588.46Band B: 1,853.20Band C: 2,117.95Band D: 2,382.69Band E: 2,912.18Band F: 3,441.66Band G: 3,971.15Band H: 4,765.38
Parish: Cradley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,551.00Band B: 1,809.50Band C: 2,068.00Band D: 2,326.50Band E: 2,843.50Band F: 3,360.50Band G: 3,877.50Band H: 4,653.00
Parish: Credenhill Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.06Band B: 1,802.57Band C: 2,060.08Band D: 2,317.59Band E: 2,832.61Band F: 3,347.63Band G: 3,862.65Band H: 4,635.18
Parish: Cusop Parish CouncilBand A: 1,529.04Band B: 1,783.88Band C: 2,038.72Band D: 2,293.56Band E: 2,803.24Band F: 3,312.92Band G: 3,822.60Band H: 4,587.12
Parish: Dilwyn Parish CouncilBand A: 1,565.48Band B: 1,826.39Band C: 2,087.31Band D: 2,348.22Band E: 2,870.05Band F: 3,391.87Band G: 3,913.70Band H: 4,696.44
Parish: Dinedor Parish CouncilBand A: 1,547.03Band B: 1,804.86Band C: 2,062.71Band D: 2,320.54Band E: 2,836.22Band F: 3,351.89Band G: 3,867.57Band H: 4,641.08
Parish: Dinmore Parish MeetingBand A: 1,500.32Band B: 1,750.37Band C: 2,000.43Band D: 2,250.48Band E: 2,750.59Band F: 3,250.69Band G: 3,750.80Band H: 4,500.96
Parish: Dormington and Mordiford Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,546.61Band B: 1,804.37Band C: 2,062.15Band D: 2,319.91Band E: 2,835.45Band F: 3,350.98Band G: 3,866.52Band H: 4,639.82
Parish: Dorstone Parish CouncilBand A: 1,523.43Band B: 1,777.34Band C: 2,031.25Band D: 2,285.15Band E: 2,792.96Band F: 3,300.77Band G: 3,808.58Band H: 4,570.30
Parish: Eardisland Parish CouncilBand A: 1,608.46Band B: 1,876.53Band C: 2,144.62Band D: 2,412.69Band E: 2,948.85Band F: 3,484.99Band G: 4,021.15Band H: 4,825.38
Parish: Eardisley Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,529.91Band B: 1,784.89Band C: 2,039.88Band D: 2,294.86Band E: 2,804.83Band F: 3,314.79Band G: 3,824.77Band H: 4,589.72
Parish: Eastnor and Donnington Parish CouncilBand A: 1,532.53Band B: 1,787.95Band C: 2,043.38Band D: 2,298.80Band E: 2,809.65Band F: 3,320.49Band G: 3,831.33Band H: 4,597.60
Parish: Eaton Bishop Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.29Band B: 1,802.84Band C: 2,060.39Band D: 2,317.94Band E: 2,833.04Band F: 3,348.13Band G: 3,863.23Band H: 4,635.88
Parish: Ewyas Harold Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,574.91Band B: 1,837.40Band C: 2,099.89Band D: 2,362.37Band E: 2,887.34Band F: 3,412.31Band G: 3,937.28Band H: 4,724.74
Parish: Fownhope Parish CouncilBand A: 1,557.75Band B: 1,817.38Band C: 2,077.01Band D: 2,336.63Band E: 2,855.88Band F: 3,375.13Band G: 3,894.38Band H: 4,673.26
Parish: Foxley Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,516.51Band B: 1,769.26Band C: 2,022.02Band D: 2,274.77Band E: 2,780.28Band F: 3,285.78Band G: 3,791.28Band H: 4,549.54
Parish: Garway Parish CouncilBand A: 1,554.76Band B: 1,813.88Band C: 2,073.02Band D: 2,332.14Band E: 2,850.40Band F: 3,368.64Band G: 3,886.90Band H: 4,664.28
Parish: Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,522.55Band B: 1,776.30Band C: 2,030.07Band D: 2,283.82Band E: 2,791.34Band F: 3,298.85Band G: 3,806.37Band H: 4,567.64
Parish: Hampton Bishop Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.33Band B: 1,802.89Band C: 2,060.45Band D: 2,318.00Band E: 2,833.11Band F: 3,348.22Band G: 3,863.33Band H: 4,636.00
Parish: Hampton Charles Parish MeetingBand A: 1,500.32Band B: 1,750.37Band C: 2,000.43Band D: 2,250.48Band E: 2,750.59Band F: 3,250.69Band G: 3,750.80Band H: 4,500.96
Parish: Hatfield and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,519.02Band B: 1,772.19Band C: 2,025.36Band D: 2,278.53Band E: 2,784.87Band F: 3,291.21Band G: 3,797.55Band H: 4,557.06
Parish: Hereford City CouncilBand A: 1,538.23Band B: 1,794.59Band C: 2,050.97Band D: 2,307.34Band E: 2,820.09Band F: 3,332.82Band G: 3,845.57Band H: 4,614.68
Parish: Holme Lacy Parish CouncilBand A: 1,568.13Band B: 1,829.48Band C: 2,090.84Band D: 2,352.19Band E: 2,874.90Band F: 3,397.60Band G: 3,920.32Band H: 4,704.38
Parish: Holmer and Shelwick Parish CouncilBand A: 1,513.79Band B: 1,766.09Band C: 2,018.39Band D: 2,270.69Band E: 2,775.29Band F: 3,279.88Band G: 3,784.48Band H: 4,541.38
Parish: Hope Mansell Parish CouncilBand A: 1,512.51Band B: 1,764.59Band C: 2,016.68Band D: 2,268.76Band E: 2,772.93Band F: 3,277.09Band G: 3,781.27Band H: 4,537.52
Parish: Hope under Dinmore Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,566.35Band B: 1,827.40Band C: 2,088.47Band D: 2,349.52Band E: 2,871.64Band F: 3,393.75Band G: 3,915.87Band H: 4,699.04
Parish: How Caple, Sollershope and Yatton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,540.50Band B: 1,797.25Band C: 2,054.00Band D: 2,310.75Band E: 2,824.25Band F: 3,337.75Band G: 3,851.25Band H: 4,621.50
Parish: Humber, Stoke Prior and Ford Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,533.74Band B: 1,789.36Band C: 2,044.99Band D: 2,300.61Band E: 2,811.86Band F: 3,323.10Band G: 3,834.35Band H: 4,601.22
Parish: Huntington Parish CouncilBand A: 1,512.07Band B: 1,764.07Band C: 2,016.09Band D: 2,268.10Band E: 2,772.13Band F: 3,276.14Band G: 3,780.17Band H: 4,536.20
Parish: Kentchurch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,549.29Band B: 1,807.50Band C: 2,065.72Band D: 2,323.93Band E: 2,840.36Band F: 3,356.78Band G: 3,873.22Band H: 4,647.86
Parish: Kilpeck Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,565.40Band B: 1,826.30Band C: 2,087.20Band D: 2,348.10Band E: 2,869.90Band F: 3,391.70Band G: 3,913.50Band H: 4,696.20
Parish: Kimbolton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,533.80Band B: 1,789.43Band C: 2,045.07Band D: 2,300.70Band E: 2,811.97Band F: 3,323.23Band G: 3,834.50Band H: 4,601.40
Parish: Kings Caple Parish CouncilBand A: 1,536.19Band B: 1,792.22Band C: 2,048.26Band D: 2,304.29Band E: 2,816.36Band F: 3,328.42Band G: 3,840.48Band H: 4,608.58
Parish: Kingsland Parish CouncilBand A: 1,523.31Band B: 1,777.20Band C: 2,031.09Band D: 2,284.97Band E: 2,792.74Band F: 3,300.51Band G: 3,808.28Band H: 4,569.94
Parish: Kingstone and Thruxton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,533.12Band B: 1,788.64Band C: 2,044.16Band D: 2,299.68Band E: 2,810.72Band F: 3,321.76Band G: 3,832.80Band H: 4,599.36
Parish: Kington Rural and Lower Harpton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,526.11Band B: 1,780.45Band C: 2,034.81Band D: 2,289.16Band E: 2,797.87Band F: 3,306.56Band G: 3,815.27Band H: 4,578.32
Parish: Kington Town CouncilBand A: 1,592.27Band B: 1,857.64Band C: 2,123.03Band D: 2,388.40Band E: 2,919.16Band F: 3,449.91Band G: 3,980.67Band H: 4,776.80
Parish: Kinnersley and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,531.39Band B: 1,786.61Band C: 2,041.85Band D: 2,297.08Band E: 2,807.55Band F: 3,318.00Band G: 3,828.47Band H: 4,594.16
Parish: Lea Parish CouncilBand A: 1,541.37Band B: 1,798.27Band C: 2,055.17Band D: 2,312.06Band E: 2,825.85Band F: 3,339.64Band G: 3,853.43Band H: 4,624.12
Parish: Ledbury Town CouncilBand A: 1,626.19Band B: 1,897.21Band C: 2,168.25Band D: 2,439.28Band E: 2,981.35Band F: 3,523.40Band G: 4,065.47Band H: 4,878.56
Parish: Leintwardine Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,547.27Band B: 1,805.14Band C: 2,063.03Band D: 2,320.90Band E: 2,836.66Band F: 3,352.41Band G: 3,868.17Band H: 4,641.80
Parish: Leominster Town CouncilBand A: 1,627.15Band B: 1,898.34Band C: 2,169.54Band D: 2,440.73Band E: 2,983.12Band F: 3,525.50Band G: 4,067.88Band H: 4,881.46
Parish: Linton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,517.93Band B: 1,770.92Band C: 2,023.91Band D: 2,276.90Band E: 2,782.88Band F: 3,288.85Band G: 3,794.83Band H: 4,553.80
Parish: Little Birch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.86Band B: 1,803.50Band C: 2,061.15Band D: 2,318.79Band E: 2,834.08Band F: 3,349.36Band G: 3,864.65Band H: 4,637.58
Parish: Little Dewchurch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,549.41Band B: 1,807.65Band C: 2,065.89Band D: 2,324.12Band E: 2,840.59Band F: 3,357.06Band G: 3,873.53Band H: 4,648.24
Parish: Llangarron Parish CouncilBand A: 1,534.05Band B: 1,789.73Band C: 2,045.41Band D: 2,301.08Band E: 2,812.43Band F: 3,323.78Band G: 3,835.13Band H: 4,602.16
Parish: Llanwarne and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,525.45Band B: 1,779.69Band C: 2,033.94Band D: 2,288.18Band E: 2,796.67Band F: 3,305.15Band G: 3,813.63Band H: 4,576.36
Parish: Longtown Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,527.19Band B: 1,781.72Band C: 2,036.26Band D: 2,290.79Band E: 2,799.86Band F: 3,308.92Band G: 3,817.98Band H: 4,581.58
Parish: Lower Bullingham Parish CouncilBand A: 1,518.88Band B: 1,772.02Band C: 2,025.18Band D: 2,278.32Band E: 2,784.62Band F: 3,290.90Band G: 3,797.20Band H: 4,556.64
Parish: Luston Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,538.41Band B: 1,794.80Band C: 2,051.21Band D: 2,307.61Band E: 2,820.42Band F: 3,333.21Band G: 3,846.02Band H: 4,615.22
Parish: Lyonshall Parish CouncilBand A: 1,550.79Band B: 1,809.26Band C: 2,067.73Band D: 2,326.19Band E: 2,843.12Band F: 3,360.05Band G: 3,876.98Band H: 4,652.38
Parish: Madley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,536.42Band B: 1,792.49Band C: 2,048.56Band D: 2,304.63Band E: 2,816.77Band F: 3,328.91Band G: 3,841.05Band H: 4,609.26
Parish: Marden Parish CouncilBand A: 1,566.15Band B: 1,827.18Band C: 2,088.21Band D: 2,349.23Band E: 2,871.28Band F: 3,393.33Band G: 3,915.38Band H: 4,698.46
Parish: Marstow Parish CouncilBand A: 1,535.06Band B: 1,790.90Band C: 2,046.75Band D: 2,302.59Band E: 2,814.28Band F: 3,325.96Band G: 3,837.65Band H: 4,605.18
Parish: Mathon Parish Council (includes Malvern Hills Trust (Mathon))Band A: 1,568.38Band B: 1,829.78Band C: 2,091.18Band D: 2,352.57Band E: 2,875.36Band F: 3,398.15Band G: 3,920.95Band H: 4,705.14
Parish: Middleton-on-the-Hill and Leysters Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,516.56Band B: 1,769.32Band C: 2,022.08Band D: 2,274.84Band E: 2,780.36Band F: 3,285.88Band G: 3,791.40Band H: 4,549.68
Parish: Monkland and Stretford Parish CouncilBand A: 1,585.47Band B: 1,849.72Band C: 2,113.97Band D: 2,378.21Band E: 2,906.70Band F: 3,435.19Band G: 3,963.68Band H: 4,756.42
Parish: Moreton on Lugg Parish CouncilBand A: 1,541.69Band B: 1,798.64Band C: 2,055.59Band D: 2,312.54Band E: 2,826.44Band F: 3,340.33Band G: 3,854.23Band H: 4,625.08
Parish: Much Birch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,510.76Band B: 1,762.55Band C: 2,014.35Band D: 2,266.14Band E: 2,769.73Band F: 3,273.31Band G: 3,776.90Band H: 4,532.28
Parish: Much Cowarne Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,514.97Band B: 1,767.46Band C: 2,019.96Band D: 2,272.45Band E: 2,777.44Band F: 3,282.42Band G: 3,787.42Band H: 4,544.90
Parish: Much Dewchurch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,520.12Band B: 1,773.47Band C: 2,026.83Band D: 2,280.18Band E: 2,786.89Band F: 3,293.59Band G: 3,800.30Band H: 4,560.36
Parish: Much Marcle Parish CouncilBand A: 1,523.72Band B: 1,777.67Band C: 2,031.63Band D: 2,285.58Band E: 2,793.49Band F: 3,301.39Band G: 3,809.30Band H: 4,571.16
Parish: North Bromyard Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,517.49Band B: 1,770.41Band C: 2,023.33Band D: 2,276.24Band E: 2,782.07Band F: 3,287.90Band G: 3,793.73Band H: 4,552.48
Parish: Ocle Pychard Parish CouncilBand A: 1,545.65Band B: 1,803.26Band C: 2,060.87Band D: 2,318.48Band E: 2,833.70Band F: 3,348.91Band G: 3,864.13Band H: 4,636.96
Parish: Orcop Parish CouncilBand A: 1,534.96Band B: 1,790.78Band C: 2,046.62Band D: 2,302.44Band E: 2,814.10Band F: 3,325.74Band G: 3,837.40Band H: 4,604.88
Parish: Orleton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,561.70Band B: 1,821.98Band C: 2,082.27Band D: 2,342.55Band E: 2,863.12Band F: 3,383.68Band G: 3,904.25Band H: 4,685.10
Parish: Pembridge Parish CouncilBand A: 1,552.59Band B: 1,811.36Band C: 2,070.13Band D: 2,328.89Band E: 2,846.42Band F: 3,363.95Band G: 3,881.48Band H: 4,657.78
Parish: Pencombe Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,562.49Band B: 1,822.90Band C: 2,083.32Band D: 2,343.73Band E: 2,864.56Band F: 3,385.38Band G: 3,906.22Band H: 4,687.46
Parish: Peterchurch Parish CouncilBand A: 1,538.56Band B: 1,794.98Band C: 2,051.42Band D: 2,307.84Band E: 2,820.70Band F: 3,333.54Band G: 3,846.40Band H: 4,615.68
Parish: Peterstow Parish councilBand A: 1,555.37Band B: 1,814.60Band C: 2,073.83Band D: 2,333.06Band E: 2,851.52Band F: 3,369.97Band G: 3,888.43Band H: 4,666.12
Parish: Pipe and Lyde Parish CouncilBand A: 1,517.97Band B: 1,770.96Band C: 2,023.96Band D: 2,276.95Band E: 2,782.94Band F: 3,288.92Band G: 3,794.92Band H: 4,553.90
Parish: Pixley and District Parish CouncilBand A: 1,525.02Band B: 1,779.19Band C: 2,033.36Band D: 2,287.53Band E: 2,795.87Band F: 3,304.21Band G: 3,812.55Band H: 4,575.06
Parish: Putley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,552.10Band B: 1,810.78Band C: 2,069.47Band D: 2,328.15Band E: 2,845.52Band F: 3,362.88Band G: 3,880.25Band H: 4,656.30
Parish: Pyons Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,530.45Band B: 1,785.52Band C: 2,040.60Band D: 2,295.67Band E: 2,805.82Band F: 3,315.96Band G: 3,826.12Band H: 4,591.34
Parish: Richard’s Castle (Herefordshire) Parish CouncilBand A: 1,577.61Band B: 1,840.55Band C: 2,103.49Band D: 2,366.42Band E: 2,892.29Band F: 3,418.16Band G: 3,944.03Band H: 4,732.84
Parish: Ross-on-Wye Parish CouncilBand A: 1,596.83Band B: 1,862.97Band C: 2,129.11Band D: 2,395.25Band E: 2,927.53Band F: 3,459.80Band G: 3,992.08Band H: 4,790.50
Parish: Sellack Parish CouncilBand A: 1,571.91Band B: 1,833.90Band C: 2,095.89Band D: 2,357.87Band E: 2,881.84Band F: 3,405.81Band G: 3,929.78Band H: 4,715.74
Parish: Shobdon Parish CouncilBand A: 1,560.04Band B: 1,820.04Band C: 2,080.06Band D: 2,340.06Band E: 2,860.08Band F: 3,380.08Band G: 3,900.10Band H: 4,680.12
Parish: St. Weonards Parish CouncilBand A: 1,535.17Band B: 1,791.03Band C: 2,046.90Band D: 2,302.76Band E: 2,814.49Band F: 3,326.21Band G: 3,837.93Band H: 4,605.52
Parish: Stapleton Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,543.45Band B: 1,800.69Band C: 2,057.94Band D: 2,315.18Band E: 2,829.67Band F: 3,344.15Band G: 3,858.63Band H: 4,630.36
Parish: Staunton-on-Wye and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,518.99Band B: 1,772.15Band C: 2,025.32Band D: 2,278.48Band E: 2,784.81Band F: 3,291.13Band G: 3,797.47Band H: 4,556.96
Parish: Stoke Edith Parish Meeting (Chairman)Band A: 1,500.32Band B: 1,750.37Band C: 2,000.43Band D: 2,250.48Band E: 2,750.59Band F: 3,250.69Band G: 3,750.80Band H: 4,500.96
Parish: Stoke Lacy Parish CouncilBand A: 1,541.98Band B: 1,798.97Band C: 2,055.98Band D: 2,312.97Band E: 2,826.97Band F: 3,340.95Band G: 3,854.95Band H: 4,625.94
Parish: Stretton Grandison Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,542.92Band B: 1,800.07Band C: 2,057.23Band D: 2,314.38Band E: 2,828.69Band F: 3,342.99Band G: 3,857.30Band H: 4,628.76
Parish: Stretton Sugwas Parish CouncilBand A: 1,539.89Band B: 1,796.53Band C: 2,053.19Band D: 2,309.83Band E: 2,823.13Band F: 3,336.42Band G: 3,849.72Band H: 4,619.66
Parish: Sutton Parish CouncilBand A: 1,556.09Band B: 1,815.44Band C: 2,074.79Band D: 2,334.14Band E: 2,852.84Band F: 3,371.53Band G: 3,890.23Band H: 4,668.28
Parish: Tarrington Parish CouncilBand A: 1,549.91Band B: 1,808.23Band C: 2,066.55Band D: 2,324.87Band E: 2,841.51Band F: 3,358.14Band G: 3,874.78Band H: 4,649.74
Parish: Thornbury Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,520.83Band B: 1,774.29Band C: 2,027.77Band D: 2,281.24Band E: 2,788.19Band F: 3,295.12Band G: 3,802.07Band H: 4,562.48
Parish: Titley and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,528.05Band B: 1,782.73Band C: 2,037.41Band D: 2,292.08Band E: 2,801.43Band F: 3,310.78Band G: 3,820.13Band H: 4,584.16
Parish: Upton Bishop Parish CouncilBand A: 1,547.11Band B: 1,804.96Band C: 2,062.82Band D: 2,320.67Band E: 2,836.38Band F: 3,352.08Band G: 3,867.78Band H: 4,641.34
Parish: Vowchurch and District Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,535.37Band B: 1,791.26Band C: 2,047.16Band D: 2,303.05Band E: 2,814.84Band F: 3,326.62Band G: 3,838.42Band H: 4,606.10
Parish: Walford Parish CouncilBand A: 1,528.45Band B: 1,783.18Band C: 2,037.93Band D: 2,292.67Band E: 2,802.16Band F: 3,311.63Band G: 3,821.12Band H: 4,585.34
Parish: Wellington Parish CouncilBand A: 1,538.89Band B: 1,795.37Band C: 2,051.86Band D: 2,308.34Band E: 2,821.31Band F: 3,334.27Band G: 3,847.23Band H: 4,616.68
Parish: Wellington Heath Parish CouncilBand A: 1,531.01Band B: 1,786.17Band C: 2,041.35Band D: 2,296.51Band E: 2,806.85Band F: 3,317.18Band G: 3,827.52Band H: 4,593.02
Parish: Welsh Newton and Llanrothal Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,559.30Band B: 1,819.18Band C: 2,079.07Band D: 2,338.95Band E: 2,858.72Band F: 3,378.48Band G: 3,898.25Band H: 4,677.90
Parish: Weobley Parish CouncilBand A: 1,553.52Band B: 1,812.44Band C: 2,071.36Band D: 2,330.28Band E: 2,848.12Band F: 3,365.96Band G: 3,883.80Band H: 4,660.56
Parish: Weston Beggard Parish CouncilBand A: 1,531.02Band B: 1,786.19Band C: 2,041.36Band D: 2,296.53Band E: 2,806.87Band F: 3,317.21Band G: 3,827.55Band H: 4,593.06
Parish: Weston-under-Penyard Parish CouncilBand A: 1,520.89Band B: 1,774.37Band C: 2,027.86Band D: 2,281.34Band E: 2,788.31Band F: 3,295.27Band G: 3,802.23Band H: 4,562.68
Parish: Whitbourne Parish CouncilBand A: 1,524.59Band B: 1,778.69Band C: 2,032.79Band D: 2,286.89Band E: 2,795.09Band F: 3,303.28Band G: 3,811.48Band H: 4,573.78
Parish: Whitchurch and Ganarew Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,563.75Band B: 1,824.38Band C: 2,085.01Band D: 2,345.63Band E: 2,866.88Band F: 3,388.13Band G: 3,909.38Band H: 4,691.26
Parish: Wigmore Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,551.02Band B: 1,809.52Band C: 2,068.03Band D: 2,326.53Band E: 2,843.54Band F: 3,360.54Band G: 3,877.55Band H: 4,653.06
Parish: Withington Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,534.33Band B: 1,790.04Band C: 2,045.77Band D: 2,301.49Band E: 2,812.94Band F: 3,324.37Band G: 3,835.82Band H: 4,602.98
Parish: Woolhope Parish CouncilBand A: 1,556.05Band B: 1,815.39Band C: 2,074.74Band D: 2,334.08Band E: 2,852.77Band F: 3,371.45Band G: 3,890.13Band H: 4,668.16
Parish: Wyeside Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,522.33Band B: 1,776.05Band C: 2,029.78Band D: 2,283.50Band E: 2,790.95Band F: 3,298.39Band G: 3,805.83Band H: 4,567.00
Parish: Yarkhill Parish CouncilBand A: 1,539.76Band B: 1,796.38Band C: 2,053.02Band D: 2,309.64Band E: 2,822.90Band F: 3,336.14Band G: 3,849.40Band H: 4,619.28
Parish: Yarpole Group Parish CouncilBand A: 1,551.45Band B: 1,810.03Band C: 2,068.61Band D: 2,327.18Band E: 2,844.33Band F: 3,361.48Band G: 3,878.63Band H: 4,654.36