Exciting plans for an urban wetland and a marina in the centre of Hereford have been revealed as part of the Hereford City Masterplan.

Herefordshire Council’s Hereford City Masterplan details that ‘New green spaces in the Station Quarter will provide a benchmark for greener urban neighbourhoods, providing opportunities for people to live with nature on their doorstep.’

‘This will include a destination urban wetland, space to explore and relax by the new Canal terminus and links to new walking and cycling routes.’

It goes on to add the following:

‘The design of the Station Quarter must provide an appropriate and thoughtful response to significant flood risk in this part of the city. An urban wetland public space and flood alleviation scheme on the Essex Arms site will provide part of a strategic, nature-based solution to flood risk.

‘Raised boardwalks, viewing platforms and seating areas will support sensitive interactions with nature and create an informal, green, active travel route through to the urban village from the station, with interpretation boards to help develop an understanding of the local species that are being supported.

‘The Link Road currently creates significant severance between the planned canal terminus and the Essex Arms wetland. 

‘As part of interventions to create a more pedestrian-friendly corridor along the Link Road a high-quality, at-grade pedestrian crossing will be required. A wildlife connection should also be explored where Widemarsh Brook passes under the Link Road.

‘The space surrounding the Canal and linking to the Essex Arms site should be activated with planting, playful space and heritage interpretation to create a destination space for the city.’

You can read more about these plans by visiting – https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50108560/Appendix%201%20-%20Hereford%20City%20Masterplan%20a%20Vision%20for%20Our%20City%20in%202050%20Consultation%20Draft%20Spring%202023.pdf