Your Herefordshire is asking Herefordshire Council to review and change its stance on parking charges in Herefordshire.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the high street with many local and national traders struggling to survive.

The survival of these businesses is key to Hereford and our market towns remaining a shopping destination.

Many local people are still on reduced income due to the virus and many have lost their jobs as a result of businesses already closing their doors. More may do so if as a County we do nothing.

We believe that Herefordshire Council needs to show more forethought when it comes to parking charges. We understand that the council is also in a difficult position receiving a lot less support from central government than previously, but that the decision to reintroduce parking charges appears short sighted and could cause a long term loss of income if it forces businesses on the brink to close.

We understand that the council has moved to offer 30 minutes free parking but our concern is that due to queues at stores, 30 minutes simply isn’t enough for many that are making a short journey to a place such as the bank or chemist.

We are suggesting the following:

– 1 Hour FREE parking at ALL Herefordshire Council owned car parks in Hereford and our market towns.

– £2 Tuesday’s – A traditionally quiet day for businesses. £2 to park ALL DAY at ALL Herefordshire Council owned car parks in Herefordshire.

– £1 Evenings – An evening charge of JUST £1 after 6pm to support hospitality businesses in Hereford when they are allowed to reopen.

– On Street – On street parking in Hereford to be free for the first hour but temporarily restricted to a limit of one hour to keep spaces available.

We believe that the options above are fair and will provide both the council with an income and shoppers the opportunity to support local businesses at this key time.

If you agree, please join us by signing the below petition. We will continue to be the voice for local businesses and people. We welcome comments and feedback and ask that our followers please keep these constructive and refrain from posting offensive and/or personal comments against the council or any individuals associated with the council.

Thank you.

Team YH.