With the hospitality sector allowed to reopen yesterday, all the build up from the government and some media outlets was constantly pushing out the ‘Super Saturday’ narrative.

Despite the good behaviour of the vast majority of people, sadly some people in #Herefordshire and other areas of England, let drink get the better of them.

Jeremy Joseph, owner of London’s G-A-Y nightclub, criticised the government’s decision to reopen pubs on a Saturday and to push the ‘Super Saturday’ narrative.

He told Sky News: “Last night was a complete disaster but if you’re going to have a slogan like ‘Super Saturday’, what do you expect?

“If people intend to do again what they did last night then it’s over for the hospitality industry. We are finished.

“You have to blame everybody. It starts with the government. You cannot have something called ‘Super Saturday’.

“We should not have reopened on a Saturday night. It should have been on a Monday.”