The wonderful Severn Bore will be viewable in Gloucestershire this week and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a visit as it’s such a fantastic sight!

Please note the times below are estimated. There are other viewing locations available but those mentioned below have parking available.

Wednesday 22nd February 

8:28    Newhnam on Severn   20.50

09:21  Severn Bore Inn   21.43

10:03  Overbridge Bridge   22.25

Thursday 23rd February

9:07   Newhnam on Severn   21.26

10:00  Severn Bore Inn   22.19

10:42  Overbridge Bridge  23.01

Friday 24th February

9:42   Newhnam on Severn 

10:35  Severn Bore Inn 

11:17  Overbridge

The River Severn has the third highest tidal range in the world, only the bay of Fundy (north America) and Ungava bay (Hudson straits) are bigger.

The tidal range on the Severn can be as much as 15m (49ft), this combined to the ‘funnel’ shaped estuary causes the incoming tide to create a bore.

The front of the oncoming surge of water creates a visible wave, varying in height. 

From around Fretherne the bore can be seen forming right up to Maisemore weir, around 20 miles of river where the bore can be seen, dissipating and reforming sometimes miles at a time. As the river narrows around Minsterworth the bore has less area to spread over thus causing larger tides to have an increase in wave height.

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