Wye Valley NHS Trust has updated its visiting restrictions in relation to Frome Ward, which has now re-opened to visitors.

However, Bromyard Community Hospital wards are currently closed to visitors due to a small number of COVID-19 cases (this relates to the wards at that hospital).

The following website page includes the visiting restrictions for the various wards/areas and this has been updated.

More Details – https://www.wyevalley.nhs.uk/about-us/our-performance/infection-prevention/coronavirus-public-health-england-advice/visiting-restrictions.aspx

For other wards/areas, the restrictions remain as follows:

¬∑         inpatients can have one daily visit from a family member or friend from the first day of their hospital stay. 

¬∑         The visitor must be aged 16 or over and it can be a different visitor each day – patients no longer need to nominate a single visitor.

¬∑         All visits must be arranged in advance with the nurse in charge so that social distancing can be maintained.

¬∑         For visiting arrangements for specific areas and visiting times check the information on this page – https://www.wyevalley.nhs.uk/about-us/our-performance/infection-prevention/coronavirus-public-health-england-advice/visiting-restrictions.aspx