Lucy Flanagan (Director of Nursing at Wye Valley NHS Trust) has told staff today in a video message that the trust is currently treating over 100 COVID-19 patients and that Wye Valley NHS Trust is facing the most challenging months of the pandemic so far.

The most concerning aspect of the video message was when she confirmed that several wards at the hospital had suffered COVID-19 outbreaks and that outbreaks had also been reported at other health settings across the county.

Lucy Flanagan said: “We have over 100 Covid-19 positive patients in our hospitals beds.

“We have a number of outbreaks across our wards and across our community hospitals, we have many of our colleagues self-isolating or shielding.”

She added: “I know many of you are tired, I know many of you are stressed.

“I know many of you are scared and I know that some of you are saying this is having a huge impact on your mental health and wellbeing.”

However as said in a similar message last week, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine does offer some optimism, as well as a fall in infection rates in Herefordshire.