A young woman and her family are in shock this evening after a man followed her when she was walking home from a supermarket in Hereford.

The woman, aged 18, had been shopping at the Tesco store at Belmont in Hereford at approximately 3.30pm this afternoon. She was leaving the store when a man, believed to be in his late 20’s, got in her face and was asking for her name. Quite obviously distressed, the woman called home crying. The man then approached her again a short while after and grabbed her and thankfully after a struggle, the man ran off. The victim of this incident has been left traumatised and the matter is now in the hands of West Mercia Police.

Were you in the area close to Belmont Tesco and Belmont Library this afternoon? Did you see anything? Please contact West Mercia Police on 101, quoting reference 491 I 200720.