An elderly woman has been left shaken, after an attack in Herefordshire left her dog requiring major surgery.

A post shared on a Leominster Chat Group on Facebook said:

“My elderly Mum was walking her dog earlier this week in Leominster (Barons Cross Park), where a woman was walking her two dogs with one off the lead and one on a lead. 

“The one off the lead approached my Mum’s dog, then the other black dog which was on the lead dragged the woman over to my Mum’s dog as she had no control over it. 

“The black dog then got hold of my Mum’s dog and had him in his mouth.

“The woman did nothing to help and my poor Mum had to retrieve her poor dog from the other dogs mouth while the woman was pulling her dog which made the dog clamp down more on my Mum’s dog. 

“After the incident the women walked away while my Mum was left so shook up.

“Please if you witnessed this or know this lady please come forward, or if you are that lady please contact the police on this incident number 98I08012014. 

“The dog is currently at the vets as he suffered some horrific injuries.

“It was dark at the time but we believe the woman to be white British with shoulder length blonde/grey hair.”