A Facebook group has gone viral, with over 150,000 people joining the ‘Wetherspoons paltry chip count’ Facebook group.

The question is simple, “How many chips did you get with your Wetherspoons meal?” …..

The group is seeing hundreds of posts every day, with members of the public taking selfies with their plates in Wetherspoons pubs across the UK. They then upload them to the page after counting how many chips are on their plate. One of the craziest outcomes is the number of people that are taking a tape measure when they go for food, with the challenge to see who can take the title of receiving Wetherspoons largest chip!

The Kings Fee in Hereford has appeared on the group once, with Elliott saying:

“A very acceptable 32 chunky and well-cooked chips with my Tennessee fried buttermilk chicken burger (with added fried egg and cheddar cheese) here at The Kings Fee, in Hereford. Also on the plate line up are 5 juicy onion rings and a generously-sized pot of Jack Daniel’s honey glaze. Overall a very tasty meal.”