West Mercia Police handed out 748 COVID-19 Fixed Penalty Notices between 27th March 2020 and 20th December 2020 for various breaches of COVID-19 regulations.

The fines were issued in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

240 fines were handed out to people not adhering to the rules during the No.1 & No.2, as well as local lockdown regulations.

61 fines were handed out to those who didn’t follow local COVID-19 alert levels.

3 fines were handed out to those who held a gathering of over 30 people.

198 fines were handed out to those who didn’t follow No.4 regs (national

38 fines were handed out to those who didn’t follow the rules of the tier regulations.

196 fines were handed out to those who didn’t follow face coverings regulations (public transport & relevant place)

6 fines were handed out to those who broke international travel regulations.

6 fines were handed out to those who broke COVID-19 business regulations.

Total number issued to date including local lockdowns (27th March to 20th December 2020) – 748

Understanding The Data:

These data cover the number of FPNs issued under COVID-19 regulations which came into effect from 27th March.

Data presented in this release represent the number of FPNs issued. While the vast majority of FPNs relate to a single individual, some people have been issued with an FPN more than once. An FPN can be issued for
more than one reason.

Figures on the number of FPNs issued should not be seen as a measure of the amount of police activity involved in policing the new measures, or the level of public non-compliance, since fines are issued as a last resort after initial attempts to engage with the public to explain and encourage compliance with the new regulations have not been successful.

Owing to the time taken to process FPNs, figures presented here are likely to underestimate the volume of FPNs issued each day and will be updated with each release as new data are received, although the rate of
increase in revised data has slowed significantly.

The nature of the administrative process involved in issuing an FPN is such that there is sometimes missing data or discrepancies when data are returned. For example, as ethnicity is self-defining this is not always
completed, and the level of missing data needs to be considered when interpreting such figures.

Force level figures are presented for England in Annex A and Wales in Annex B. However, caution should be taken to make comparisons between forces as variation in is likely to reflect a range of factors including how
the force has decided to police non-compliance as well as differences in local context (e.g. composition and density of the local population).

DATA SOURCE: National Police Chiefs Council