West Mercia Police, in partnership with Historic England, is appealing to members of the local community to return any historic coins they may have been given as part of a treasure hoard found in Cradley, Herefordshire at the end of August.

On 28 August this year a large hoard of around 300 gold and silver coins was discovered on land at Church Style Farm in Cradley.

The coins are similar to those pictured and date approximately from 1558 – 1649, covering the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I.

Lead investigator for West Mercia Police, DC Phil Harvey, said: “It’s likely that the hoard contained more than the 300 coins we know about and so we’re asking for your help in finding the outstanding ones.

“As part of the excitement of the discovery, I understand that some of the local community may have accepted coins from the hoard as mementos or souvenirs.

“We believe that the coins were given away in good faith and would appeal to anyone who was given any as a keepsake to get in touch.

“I can reassure anyone who may have a coin that they are not in any trouble, we simply want to get them back in to the right hands as they form an important part of our local and national history.”

Mark Harrison, Head of Heritage Crime Strategy at Historic England, added: “The hoard is of local and national historic importance and we need the public to help us to find the outstanding coins.  This will allow the hoard to be examined and catalogued by coin specialists which will help to enhance our understanding of the English Civil War in Herefordshire.”

Anyone who has any coins is asked to contact DC Phil Harvey on 01432 247176 or philip.harvey@westmercia.police.uk so that their return can be arranged.