Community spirit? We often hear about the lack of it nowadays but sometimes something happens that just reminds us of the generosity of mankind.

This time its Rory Evans and Jewson in Leominster reminding us.

Herefordshire Carers put out a Facebook post asking for support in getting a replacement fence erected for a vulnerable couple in Leominster, after it was poorly erected previously.

Rory Evans stepped forward and offered to do the job at no cost and Jewson in Leominster offered materials to Rory at no cost when they heard about the situation.

From Herefordshire Carers:

“Wow I am blown away by the generosity of folks in Herefordshire, especially in Leominster!

“Following my post two days ago about the poorly erected fence at a vulnerable couple‚Äôs home in Leominster, I want to sincerely thank the generosity and kindness of Rory Evans, who went to do the job today at no cost, despite being busy on another job, and Jewsons for providing the materials free of charge when they heard about the situation.

“I can‚Äôt thank them enough. It has really restored my faith in human nature. You are all stars!”