Save The Wye Coalition protesters took to the streets of Hereford on Saturday to demand that Tesco takes action to clean up its poultry supply chain.

Charles Watson, Founder & Chairman of River Action, a group campaigning to rescue our rivers from the escalating crisis of agricultural, sewage and industrial pollution was in Hereford and took part in the protest outside Tesco in Bewell Street.

Last month Extinction Rebellion Climate Action with support of Save the Wye collected 136 signatures from shoppers who wanted to let Tesco know they are failing to live up to their own environmental policies which could help protect the River Wye from pollution.

The protesters have told Tesco that ‘it‚Äôs time to break up with your cheap chicken supply chain, the true cost of which is causing the deforestation of rainforests and killing the River Wye – or your customers may break up with you!’

Concern has also been shared about Toxic fungus in the Widemarsh Brook in Hereford, which is a tributary of the River Wye.