The Hereford Community Clean Up Group have been working wonders again by highlighting and then clearing thousands of cigarette butts from streets in Hereford city centre.

On Saturday, a team of volunteers spent the morning walking around Hereford city centre using chalk to circle around the hundreds and thousands of cigarette butts that have been thrown to the floor in the city centre.

Then last night (Wednesday), a team of volunteers spent a couple of hours picking up and removing thousands of the cigarette butts from city centre streets.

Emma Jones from the Hereford Community Clean Up Group posted the following message on Facebook:

“It’s just ONE butt they say? But if lots of smokers drop butts it turns into 1000’s. So after our awareness event on Saturday which highlighted the problem, we spent 2 hours last night collecting them all. Many of the ciggy butts which were circled were still in front of businesses fronts, so obviously not sweeping up every day, which is disappointing. We also cleaned around the bike parks to make them look tidier. Great job by the 3 Amigos Maz Howard Nikki Perry and me.”