The following article is from Tom Chance:

“It is time for me to take it upon myself to try and make change not only for my sister but for all of those in our society who are vulnerable and struggle to go to the toilet and are in need of toiletry pads across the United Kingdom.

“As most may know my sister Ellie has severe autism and lives at Rowden House School. It is the very best place for her with phenomenal staff there. However due to current issues (such as COVID-19 and the recession) the government has had to make some changes. 

“I am certain that all of us can relate in the fact that we will go to the toilet a number of times a day. My sister and many other vulnerable males and females across the UK need to as well, however they are being limited to a heart stopping amount of just three pads per day.

“Now you will know as well as me that in most instances this is nowhere near enough and to see that my sister is not receiving the right basic needs off the government is truly saddening and disgraceful. Due to the shortage of pads, this will mean that so many others may not be able to have their pads changed as much as they may require at the expense of the government trying to cut costs (forcing them to go without and having the constant feeling of lacking comfort and hygiene). 

“I am not only starting this campaign for Ellie, but for ALL of those vulnerable up and down the country. The heartbreaking thing for me is that my sister cannot even talk to communicate and ask for further assistance with this or even tell us that she needs more pads, however it is now time for me to be her voice and make that extremely crucial voice heard.

“Now we can make a difference, I would like to ask for everybody to at least share this post and spread the word. I truly believe as one we can make a difference for our community and help those who amazing individuals who need us most and provide them their basic needs. I would also ask if you could take five minutes to sign my petition which I would be more than grateful for. Thank you so much for listening and I wish you the utmost positivity for your day ahead, and remember that together, we CAN defeat this huge and concerning problem for our community. Thank you, Tom.”

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