Back in 2017 the story of Chloe Bridgewater from Hereford went viral. Her father Andy, shared a letter on social media where she received a reply from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The original post on Linkedin has almost 300,000 likes, 7.500 comments and almost 28 million views. She has continued to be in touch with Sundar Pichai, Google CEO and after the ‘madness’ died down Chloe was a little upset and thought no one liked her anymore, that’s what 5 minutes of fame can do to you. So the ‘Google Boss’ was kind enough to send some original Google stickers to her and an original Google Doodle sketch by one of the artists there. 

She’s still very keen to work for Google when she is older and is doing well in her school work. Andy told us “We as parents have never pushed her or her sister Hollie into doing something they do not want to do and we were glad when all the publicity died down a little, as it was a crazy few weeks for us all.We just want them both to be children, have fun and learn what they need to. We try our best”.

Andy added “Chloe is fundraising for her Girl Guides troop trip to Gibraltar next year, she has a just giving page up and we hope to raise just over £600 for her to go on the trip”