The Beefy Boys have been busy over recent months and are close to being able to make an announcement on a new restaurant location.

Fans of The Beefy Boys have been revealing this morning which town or city they’d love to see a restaurant opened in. Gloucester and Cheltenham seem to be the most popular destinations and an announcement on which town or city the restaurant will open in is expected to made within the next couple of weeks.

The Beefy Boys post on Facebook:

“Big news everyone, we have been slowly working on this for a while now but we are very close to opening our second restaurant!

“In the next week or two we will be announcing which city or town we will be situated in!

“Tag any of your out of town pals who would like it to be on their doorstep! Give it a LlKE & $HARE if this would be good for your hood!”

So where will it be? Gloucester? Cheltenham? Leominster? Ross-on-Wye? Shrewsbury? Newport? Monmouth? Worcester? Elsewhere?