Taurus Healthcare have provided an update on Belmont Medical Centre, following an incident on Thursday.

An update shared following the incident on Thursday said:

“You may be aware that earlier today (Thursday 20 June) there was a major incident at Belmont Medical Centre that was beyond the surgery’s control. 

“This caused significant disruption to patient appointments and the surgery had to close today.

“Please rest assured that the surgery’s team members are working tirelessly to resolve the situation as quickly as they can in order to restore normal services.

“We understand you may be disappointed and frustrated but would ask that you do not take this out on the surgery’s team members. 

“Everyone is trying their best to help patients in what are extremely difficult circumstances.

“Telephone access to the surgery will be restored to normal from tomorrow (21 June). 

“However, please do not go to the surgery unless you have an appointment.

“Further updates will be provided on the surgery’s website: https://www.belmontmedicalcentre.co.uk/ .

“Thank you for your kindness and consideration.”