The successful Beryl scheme is to be extended and rolled out in Credenhill, following a request from the Parish Council.

From Credenhill Parish Council:

We are pleased to inform you that on the 1st of May the Beryl bike share scheme is coming to Credenhill, a bay will be installed adjacent to the Jellicoe Way bus shelter on a 6 month trial basis. 

The trial will run from May to October inclusive, the council and Beryl will monitor the scheme performance during this time. If the trial is successful we would look to make this bay permanent thereafter. 

If you have any feedback direct or indirect regarding the trial please do let us know, we are keen to hear all feedback. 

The trial aims to support increased active travel to work, reduce short journeys and reduce congestion in the local area.

A small red line boundary will surround the new bay in Credenhill (located adjacent to the Jellicoe Way bus shelter). 

The current red line boundary for the city will remain the same. 

Residents will not be charged for cycling out of the red line boundary and will not incur any additional fees for leaving a bike in the bay in Credenhill although usual ‘out of bay’ and ‘out of scheme area’ fees will apply.