A BBC investigation has highlighted the stark differences in Ambulance response times in Herefordshire.

Residents living in HR1 & HR4 can expect an Ambulance to reach them within 6 minutes and 45 seconds, that’s quicker than the England average of 7 minutes and 41 seconds.

The difference in response times is highlighted however with those in HR6 waiting for up to 11 minutes and residents living in HR8 are waiting on average, over 13 minutes for an ambulance to respond.

The BBC News investigation shows there are some rural areas in Britain where it took over 20 minutes on average for the ambulance service to reach a patient during January to October last year.

That compares with responses in under five minutes in a number of town and city neighbourhoods.

You can view the full report at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-47362797