The organisers of the Stadium Music Festival at Edgar Street yesterday have announced that they will be releasing a statement tomorrow in relation to the large number of complaints that they have received about the event.

A large number of those that attended the festival have complained about having to wait at least two hours for drinks to arrive at their tables and some even reported that the app to order drinks crashed and bars were running out of beer. A number of festival goers decided to leave Edgar Street and visit surrounding pubs instead.

The Stadium Music Festival team posted the following message on Facebook a short while ago:

“Hi all. We have seen all your messages / posts and we will begin addressing everything tomorrow during office hours. Thank you for your patience.”

Here are some of the comments that have been shared:

Carl Haffenden – “It wasn’t perfect, it was never going to be with the restrictions put in place by the Government and Council because, you know, that worldwide pandemic we’ve been smashed with for the last year and a Half.

“I had an absolute cracker. I purchased my ticket for the music, the artists, the atmosphere and for being able to enjoy something in the open air!

“Here’s hoping we get some more events on our doorstep and if you don’t want to attend, thanks, more drinks to go around for the rest of us!

“Thank you Stadium Fest Hereford 2021 for having the event go ahead after it was postponed last year and giving us something to look forward to.”

However, Elizabeth Clark wasn’t as complimentary:

“Was tempted to pop out to the ambulance outside and hook my self up to a drip I was that parched after waiting hours for a drink!”