Speller Metcalfe Ltd have been awarded the contract to be the construction partner to take on the redevelopment of the Library at Maylord Orchards project.

The redevelopment of Maylord Orchards will create a new library and learning resource centre, and is a key project in the Hereford Town Investment Plan – Towns Fund – Herefordshire Council. 

The project will establish a modern Library Service and Learning Resource Centre at the heart of the city, re-purposing a key area of Hereford in creating new reasons for people to visit and spend time and money across the centre as a whole. 

The Learning Resource Centre will provide facilities to enable local people to access the support they need to develop their skills, and access new employment opportunities such as the council’s Adults and Community Learning Service.

Full Decision from Herefordshire Council:

“To appoint and award Speller Metcalf Ltd as the construction partner to take the redevelopment of the Library at Maylord Orchards project RIBA Stage 4, 5, 6 following a design and build process under a JCT fixed price contract up to the value of £2,652,000.00(Including design costs).”

More Details – https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50109414/20230412%20-%20MO%20-%20Appoint%20Construction%20Partner_V4.docx.pdf

Article from March 2023:

The planning application for a new library and resource centre in Hereford has been approved.

The news keeps plans on track for work to be completed on time for its doors to open in spring 2024.

The redeveloped site at Maylord Orchards will re-use existing units and public spaces with the shopping centre to create an attractive, accessible public library and learning centre. 

As well as its reading spaces, the new centre will offer information resources, business support, quiet study space, digital literacy programmes, access to PCs and a vibrant, engaging programme of cultural and creative activities. 

Residents will also have access to face-to-face meetings about wider council services as well as a café designed to make customers feel at home in the space.

The project also includes enhancements to the Maylord Orchards shopping precinct atrium and adjacent Trinity Square to create a social space for people to meet and hold events.

The new centre has come about thanks to the planned transformation of the library and museum building in Broad Street, Hereford. That building will become home to a new, state-of-the-art museum and art gallery while the library relocates to its new home in Maylord Orchards. 

While the construction work is going on in Broad Street, library services will be run temporarily from the Museum Resource and Learning Centre in Hereford’s Friars Street. 

Amy Pitt, Herefordshire Council service director, community wellbeing, says:

“It’s really good news that this project is running to schedule. People are already starting to get excited about it as they learn more about our plans for the new library and resource centre in the heart of Hereford. 

“It will be a really attractive place for people to meet, learn and enjoy activities. It’s also really important that those who want it will be able to get face-to-face help about other council services. I’m also looking forward to hearing the views of residents as our library team offers opportunities for people to put their views forward on what they think the new centre should offer.”

The total cost of the library redevelopment project is £3,500,000, £3,000,000 of which is from Stronger Hereford and the remaining £500,000 from Herefordshire Council.