Sir Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, was last night, Thursday 23 February, re-selected to stand at the next election.

Members of the North Herefordshire Conservative Association Executive Council voted unanimously to reselect Sir Bill at the Falcon Hotel in Bromyard. 

He will again stand for the seventh time for the Conservative Party in Herefordshire at the next General Election.

Bill Wiggin MP commented:  

“I am extremely proud to have been re-selected as the Conservative Candidate for North Herefordshire for the next General Election. 

“It is a privilege fighting for the people of Herefordshire and I will continue to do so for as long as I am able. 

“So I look forward to fighting a strong campaign next year.”

On the same night as the re-selection Sir Bill appeared via video link as a guest on BBC Newsnight. 

Sir Bill spoke about the pressing need for a Small Boats Bill that would address the shortfalls of the UK’s immigration system. 

Bill Wiggin MP said: 

“I know our Prime Minister wants to stop the boats. It is one of his five pledges. It is absolutely in line with what everybody else in the UK wants. 

“We don’t want our welfare state, our NHS, our education system, and our free housing, being taken advantage of by people who are not genuine asylum seekers.”

The appearance on Newsnight had followed an interview on Times Radio the same morning with breakfast presenter StigAbell. 

Sir Bill responded to a question regarding plans to fast-track migrants through the asylum system. 

Bill Wiggin MP said about the plans: 

“As British people we want to reach out and offer that sanctuary and safety and hospitality that we naturally care about. 

“What we don’t want are people coming here trying to break or bend the system to suit themselves. 

“Generally those are called economic migrants are the people who are blocking the genuine asylum seekers from getting the help they need.”