Several people have reported hearing the ‘Marden Hum’, with villagers and people from the surrounding area continuing to share their frustration.

Your Herefordshire shared a post earlier this week, after a local resident shared a post on the Marden, a Herefordshire Community Facebook page.

The post said:

A resident in the village of Marden has asked the local community Facebook page to ask fellow residents if they are also be plagued by what is being described as the ‘Marden Hum’.

A post on the Marden, A Herefordshire Community Facebook page earlier today said:

“Do any of you in the parish hear a unexplained ‘hum’ in your property.

“Most typically at night when all the background noise has subsided. We have been plagued by it for several years but Environmental Health refuse to even look into it.

“Quite a few friends in Marden are aware of it and also properties as far apart as the Vauld and Burmarsh.

“I’m trying to build a picture of how widespread the problem is so if you are aware of this hum, which is a low frequency noise, can you let me know where about in the parish you are.”

Since then, a number of local residents and people from other areas of the county have commented.

One former local resident said:

“I lived in Marden 10 years ago and heard this noise at night. It used to drive me mad.”

Another resident added:

“I live in Orchard Close in Bodenham and I have been hearing a very low frequency humming noise for years – it is like a wave noise. Some years ago I had the Herefordshire Council in one night and they did some measurements as it was driving me mad because I suffer from stress and anxiety. The council came back to me and told me the measuring machine picked up a very quiet low frequency noise and they did no more about it. It would be good to know it isn’t only me that can hear it.”

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