A message from St James CofE Primary School in Hereford:

One of our Class R pupils has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. While this is sad and serious news, we are trying to be positive and do all we can to support those affected. Connor is not able to attend school at this time because of the treatment he is receiving. We want to let you know that we will be discussing Connor’s situation at school. In the near future, a representative from McMillan will speak to our pupils. The children will receive age appropriate information about the illness and treatment. They will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how they can support their friend. We know that classmates are eager to see Connor. At this time the family is adjusting to the diagnosis and Connor is not well enough to have visitors. They thank friends for the many well wishes Connor has received. The PTFA and members of staff are organising a page where you can contribute financially to help support Connor and his family at this time. There will be events organised by the PTFA that pupils and parents will be able to take part in too. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We ask that you include Connor in your prayers and well wishes which we will also be doing in school.

Below is a message from Connor’s parents:

To The St James Community, 

As some of you may already be aware, our precious son, Connor William aged 5, is fighting a battle that no child should have to fight – the fight against cancer. In late April 2021, Connor went for a follow up eye test and through their investigations it was discovered that Connor had a brain tumour. After surgery we were told that Connor has an aggressive stage 4 cancer in his brain. He is currently receiving a 6 week program of radiotherapy with a drug trial, a 6 week break to rebuild his immune system and then this will be followed with another 8 month block of Chemotherapy. 

Receiving the news that your child has been diagnosed with cancer is absolutely heart breaking for any parent as well as other family members and friends. Our goal is to help Connor through his treatment plan whilst ensuring we, as a family, maintain a happy, enjoyable childhood for him as much as possible. Despite his illness, we feel it is important that Connor, his brother Corey and sister Keira have the same enjoyment of childhood activities that other children enjoy. 

As a family, to deal with Cancer at 5 years of age is incredibly difficult and we are grateful for the support through this terrible journey. We would love to give Connor something to look forwards to at the end of his treatment by means of a holiday trip with his siblings, something he has not had before and would appreciate any support for this. 

Thank you for all your support 

Fighting the battle , 

Samantha Chappell & Andy Williams