Businesses and residents in Ross-on-Wye have taken to social media, after a thunderstorm caused significant damage to the town centre, resulting in road closures.

The storm, which hit the town centre on Sunday afternoon and dropped almost 40mm of rain in an hour, caused pavements to lift up and huge potholes to open up on roads in the town centre.

West Mercia Police then issued a notice confirming that Broad Street was closed due to significant damage to the road surface and pavement. 

Herefordshire Council have confirmed that a team will be visiting Ross-on-Wye this morning to carry out an inspection on the damage.

A number of businesses commented on social media.

The Little Chic Children’s Clothes and Toys Boutique said:

“Little Chic will be closed from tomorrow morning due to being flooded again.

“Online order will be fulfilled if the stock is not damaged by the storm water – I will let customers know.

“After having 12 weeks of gas works and water works outside the shop, we have this happening again.

“Broad Street and Brookend Street will be shut off for some time.

“I feel so bad for all the other lovely businesses affected.”

Hanks’ Meat & Game said:

“Following the destruction today on Broad street, we are hoping we can still open the shop as normal  tomorrow.

“Sadly, the closure is affecting businesses from Dogs Trust down to Oxfam but the barrier is currently before our shop.

“The road and pavement closure will massively affect businesses on the street but we wanted to keep you updated so as it stands we will be open tomorrow unless we hear otherwise. 

“If you do venture in then please go careful and please remember we offer a free home delivery service if you want to avoid the closures.”

Cllr Daniel Lister said:

“I am so so sorry to everyone that has been and will be affected by tonight’s heavy down pour, there is a full road closure in place from the market house to Aldi in Brookend Street currently.

“Our local traders will need our support more then ever, Balfour are on site currently making plans on the clear up and repairs and there will an emergency inspection taking place tomorrow early morning, all 3 County Councillors are absolutely on the case.

“Some businesses have been affected and if I can personally do anything to help please do reach out.

“Safety please note, do not cross any barriers or enter closed off areas as parts of the walkways and roads are deemed unsafe.”