Former Eastenders star turned investigative journalist Ross Kemp was in Herefordshire today to open four newly built veterans cottages at the Buchanan Trust which is part of the Bosbury Estate in North Herefordshire.

Karl Gilmore and Ross Kemp get ready to cut the ribbon

Kemp told us “Its a stunning achievement to build this during a pandemic and two lockdowns. I have friends in the armed forces who have found it difficult to adapt civilian life. My personal point of view is if you have served your country you should have a roof over your head, You should have the best medical care,. It shouldn’t be a postcode lottery. The Buchanan Trust enables ex personnel to make that transition”

Robert Gilmore, Jo Hilditch and Ross Kemp

Kemp continued “Robert Buchanan set up the trust in 1918 and I wonder if looking down now he would be happy or sad that the need for the trust is still there after he founded it over 100 years. I’m proud that we have fantastic armed forces. I would like to thank Herefordshire County Council for all their help”

One of the newly refurbished properties

Karl Gilmore is a patron of the trust and will be running a ultra marathon to raise funds for the charity on the 26th June 2021 “I’m raising funds to help those who served in the armed forces to help them with the transition inti civilian life by offering short term accommodation. I was due to run the Cardiff half marathon earlier this year, but that got cancelled, so I upped the ante and will be run the 100km of the Cotswold Way at the end of June”

Inside one of the houses

Kemp continued “There isn’t enough accomodation or help for ex armed forces personnel, we have ex personnel in prison and homeless, if the Government can’t do it its down to people like the Buchanan Trust to help out”

Matt with Ross Kemp