Mr Price told the Daily Telegraph: “I’m a Herefordshire farmer and have lived at Day [House] Farm and was born here at home.

“I have never moved and have watched this river all my life and no one knows this river better than me. I have always looked after the river. I was asked to stop the erosion because I’m the landowner, so I’m responsible for the river.

“It was up to the Environmental Agency to look after these rivers, but they don’t do any work and haven’t got any money to do the work because they spend it all on clipboards.”

Mr Price also pointed out that he had not removed or knocked down any trees, but had only cleared those that came down in the flood.

He continued: “The flooding has been getting substantially worse over the past 10 years and will continue to get worse if a certain amount of work is not done like I have been allowed to do by the Environment Agency.

“I have got the support of the village and parish council and they had a meeting especially about the work being done. They all said what a wonderful job John Price has done and recommended that they send me a letter thanking me for that work and saving the river and helping the flooding.”