Local residents have shared their concerns over plans to build up to 350 new houses on the outskirts of Hereford.

From the North East Quarter at Three Elms Website:

“In September 2016, the Church Commissioners for England submitted an outline planning application for up to 1,200 new homes and associated infrastructure on land west of Hereford, at Three Elms. The Council’s planning application reference number is P162920/F.

​”The planning application proposal directly responds to Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy Policy HD5 ‘Western Urban Expansion’ (Three Elms), which allocates the land for a sustainable urban expansion including delivery of 1,200 new homes, a new neighbourhood centre, land for a primary school, 10 hectares of employment land, public open space and play space and accompanying infrastructure.

​”In accordance with Policy HD5 the existing outline planning application for the Three Elms development includes land to accommodate the proposed Hereford bypass, whilst also acknowledging that 580 homes within the Three Elms development can come forward ahead of the bypass being delivered.

“In February 2021, Herefordshire Council made the decision to cease work on the western bypass proposal. As a direct result of this the council has also delayed the determination of our extant planning application for the Three Elms site, until such time as an alternative strategic highway solution has been agreed.

“In response, we are now working on a proposal for the Three Elms North East Quarter, which will form the first phase of this wider development and will be in conformity with the masterplan submitted as part the wider application. This first phase would seek to deliver up to 350 much needed new homes for Hereford and is able to come forward before the council’s new transport strategy is in place.

The proposal:

Our proposal is for up to 350 new homes, a new linear park to the north of the Yazor Brook, new roads with access to Three Elms Road to the east and Roman Road to the north, open space, amenity space and accompanying infrastructure.

This application for the first phase of the development will be the start of the delivery of a new sustainable community to the west of Hereford.

Read more – The Proposal | Three Elms North East Quarter (threeelms-northeastquarter.co.uk)


Nic said: “Roman Road ends at a single lane Bridge over the train track,. 350 new homes almost certainly means 700 new cars. We can’t cope with the infrastructure we’ve got, why keep overloading it? Build a dual carriageway ring road, improve the wider infrastructure including waterways and then think about new houses. Don’t forget the potential 700+ additional children who will need access to schools. Hereford Council need to look at the bigger picture, you don’t have to be a planning expert to know that the continued building of houses without the necessary infrastructure to support it will put huge pressure on already creaking services!”

Amanda said: “It was unacceptable first time round and it’s unacceptable now.”

Tia said: “Anyone got some constructive solutions about where people are going to live instead then? As we are facing a housing crisis?

Becky said: “Whitecross school cannot cope with the amount of students that live in the area now. Children living in Whitecross will be pushed out to other schools further away meaning unnecessary car journeys and a break up of the community. Build another school and sort out the infrastructure before building more houses.”

Read more – https://www.facebook.com/YourHfdshire/posts/2253560204781116