A high speed police chase through Herefordshire left many local residents shocked but relieved that nobody was seriously hurt.

The vehicle was seen travelling at high speed through Herefordshire until police stopped it in Leominster by using a stinger. Police then arrested both occupants of the vehicle.

Local residents were quick to take to social media to share what they witnessed.

Jackie Saville said: “Glad they got caught. They shot past us while we were walking our dogs on Munstone Road by Lyde. They didn’t slow down. Luckily there was a verge we could get on. Just glad there was no one coming the other way. Absolute morons.”

Richard Davies said: “I was traveling to Leominster from Bodenham this afternoon and I saw this car overtake me at no tomorrow by the brow of the hill near Hampton Court and saw about nine police cars going past me and when I got near to Leominster I saw the police cars parked in the school car park and saw the Blue Mondeo there as well. People like them should have there keys taken off them.”

Paul Ronnie Ross said: “Two seconds later I would of hit him head on. He lost control by Munstone House crossroad. Had to swing into someone’s drive. Usually a lot of people walking around that time. Thank god no one was.”