West Mercia Police have shared a message with residents in the Bobblestock area of Hereford following anti-social behaviour.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“There have been reports of a group of youths in the Bobblestock area, aged approximately 12-15 years old, walking around the Grandstand Road Co-op area and surrounding residential streets who are throwing stones and mud at residents cars and properties.

“This is mainly occurring in the evenings. When challenged they are verbally abusive. 

“This sort of behaviour is not acceptable. 

Police will be patrolling the area. Anyone found to be behaving inappropriately will be spoken to. Parents and schools will also be notified. 

“If you have any camera or doorbell footage of good quality that shows this anti-social behaviour, and ideally a clear image of the youths faces, then please feel free to contact us.”