Houses that are at risk of flooding will be given a flood permit when a flood emergency is declared, following a decision from Herefordshire Council.

Flooding affects a number of properties in Hereford and the wards which this parking scheme will apply. (Central, Greyfriars and Hinton & Hunderton).

The residents have their own parking arrangements for all other times, however when the river is in flood this presents them difficulties.

At present, residents are making contact with the Parking Services team during the emergencies to make arrangements for parking. 

Therefore, in order to provide clarity and pro-active support to residents, and reduce reactive service requests on the Council permits will be issued to residents for designated car parks.

Residents will need to apply for a permit and agree to the terms of its use, namely that it can only be used when the Council or Environment Agency declare a flood – the council inform the Flood Group to disseminate through their network. 

The permit will be free to residents to apply for where the application will mirror that of a resident parking zones. 

The permit will be valid for 2 years and can be kept until needed, then displayed to allow free parking.

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