Holidaymakers currently in Portugal and Greece could be forced to quarantine for 14 days when arriving back in the United Kingdom, if the government adds both countries to the UK’s quarantine list. Portugal was only removed from the list at the end of last month, but a recent spike in cases has led the government and its advisors to consider adding it to the list again.

Mr Hancock told Sky News: “Everybody has seen that we are prepared to take decisions to put individual countries back on the quarantine list if that is what is necessary.

“We keep this constantly under review and then we announce these decisions usually on a Friday lunchtime.

“So people should look at the data but also should only travel if they are prepared to quarantine if the virus goes up when they are in that country.”

Pressed further on the fate of Portugal, he added: “We are going to publish a further decision tomorrow having looked at the data.”