A message from Hereford Cops:

It may be the season of good will but please consider that everything may not be as it seems.

In recent weeks Hereford city SNT has seen an influx of Romanian Nationals who are begging and claiming to be homeless and hungry.

On making enquiries we have established that these individuals are part of a travelling group of beggars from South Wales.

We have also just removed 3 Romanian nationals from the City Centre again claiming to be homeless and begging. CCTV tracked these individuals to a waiting vehicle where they were spoken to and established they are all housed in Boston, Lincolnshire and have travelled to Hereford to beg.

Please!!!! If you want to give money to the homeless please consider doing so through a registered charity otherwise you should consider that your ‚Äúdonation‚ÄĚ to some of those on the streets may not be used for the purpose it was intended.