Received a Facebook Message asking “is that you?”

Do not click on the link. Do not enter your Facebook User ID and password. It’s a scam.

Facebook users have been receiving a message claiming to have found a video or image with you featured in it. By clicking the link, you’d be taken through a chain of websites that have been designed by scammers to take as many details as possible from you, and in some cases infect your device with adware or other malware.

Your details are then in the hands of criminals.

How to protect yourself against phishers:-

Use unique and complex passwords for all of your online accounts. Password managers help you generate strong passwords and notify you when you reuse old passwords

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) where possible

Beware of any messages sent to you, even from your Facebook contacts.

Phishing attacks will usually employ some type of social engineering to lure you into clicking malicious links or downloading infected files

Watch out for any suspicious activity on your Facebook or other online accounts.

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