West Mercia Police officers in Herefordshire are warning members of the public to remain vigilant after markings were discovered on driveways and walls in parts of the county.

An update from West Mercia Police said:


Rural North SNT have been receiving reports of markings left on properties in our rural villages. In light of recent events this may be connected to dog thefts or other thefts such as shed breaks, at this time it is unknown.

However we strongly advise all dog owners to continue to be vigilant.

Do not leave your dogs unattended in front gardens or back gardens where it is not secure.

Invest in security lighting/CCTV where possible and ensure gates are padlocked.

Report any suspicious vehicles or markings found on your property. This can be done via 101 or using our online reporting system on our website.

These markings can vary from white chalk lines/dots to red crosses being left on driveways or walls.

Rural North SNT will be conducting regular patrols of the villages therefore any information helps us target patrols.

Thank you.