West Mercia Police officers in the Bromyard area of Herefordshire have thanked members of the public for their response to a collision.

A collision occurred in the Upper Sapey area of the county on Wednesday 8th March, and a woman sustained a broken leg in the incident. Due to the severe weather, the waiting time for an ambulance was longer than it would normally be.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“On 8th March at just after 5pm, we were called to an RTC on the road out of Bromyard towards Upper Sapey.  

“A female patient was injured with a broken leg in the middle of the road and there was a long wait for the Ambulance.  

“The snow was really coming down and 3 inches of snow had fallen before the Ambulance arrived, it really did come down!

“The amazing people of this community helped us in any way they could. 

“So a massive thank you to the lovely people who stayed to help look after the female, those who conducted traffic management, those who supplied umbrellas, tarpaulins, blankets, hot water bottles etc to help keep the female as warm and dry as possible.

“The ones who helped others stuck in the snow get moving again and anyone else I have forgotten.  

“Thank you for being an amazing community.”