West Mercia Police have issued a warning to all residents living in the Wellington area of Herefordshire following a number of reported crimes.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police (Hereford Rural North) said:

“We want to inform you that there have been a total of 6 reported crimes in Wellington, including instances of burglary and attempted burglary in non-dwelling premises. 

“Five of these incidents took place between November 29th and November 30th, while one occurred around 17:50 on December 7th.

“The map provided shows where these offences occurred. 

“Although not explicitly displayed on the map, it’s suspected that access was gained through fields behind the properties.

“None of the properties had CCTV coverage in the area, and there was insufficient lighting at the rear of the properties. 

“The stolen items primarily consisted of power tools such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, hand tools, and batteries. 

“Those who reported these incidents have been visited by the Safer Neighbourhood Team, offering smart water marking kits.

“To address these concerns, the Safer Neighbourhood Team has increased patrols, and forensic teams are involved.

“Despite these incidents, it’s important to note that Wellington remains a safe place to live.

“Below, I’ve included some general shed safety advice for social media sharing.”

Shed Security

Securing sheds is essential to prevent thefts, especially of valuable tools and equipment. Here are some tips to enhance shed security:

Strong Locks: Invest in high-quality padlocks. Consider using closed shackle padlocks or locks with protected hasps to prevent easy cutting or tampering.

Secure Hinges: Use hinge security pins or coach bolts to secure the hinges, making it harder for someone to remove the door.

Motion-Activated Lights: Install motion-activated lights around the shed. These can startle potential intruders and alert you or neighbours to any activity.

Alarms and Sensors: Consider installing shed alarms or wireless sensors that trigger an alert if the shed is accessed. Some systems can even alert your phone.

Window Bars or Grilles: If your shed has windows, reinforce them with bars or grilles to prevent forced entry.

Secure Anchoring: Anchor heavy or valuable items within the shed to the floor or walls using cables or chains, making them harder to steal.

Security Marking: Mark your tools and equipment with a unique identifier such as your postcode using permanent markers or security labels. This makes them less attractive to thieves and easier to identify if stolen.

Vegetation Trimming: Ensure trees or bushes near the shed are trimmed regularly to eliminate hiding spots for potential intruders.

Insurance Coverage: Check if your home insurance covers items stored in sheds. Some policies might require additional security measures for coverage.

Remember, a combination of these measures can significantly improve shed security. 

Regularly inspecting and maintaining these security features is equally important to ensure they remain effective over time.