West Mercia Police have issued an appeal after a motorcycle and several other items were stolen from a property in Hampton Bishop.

The incident occurred overnight Thursday, into Friday. 

A spokesperson for Hereford Rural North Police Team (West Mercia Police) said:

“We would like to make you aware of a burglary that occurred over night in Hampton Bishop. 

“A Yamaha PW50 and a limited edition Husqvarna 45 Special chainsaw were stolen from a garage, along with several other tools.

“If you have any information that may help us with this investigation, please contact us at 101 or report online. The incident number is 00104_I_03112023.

“To help improve security and prevent such incidents, here are some simple tips that could help.”

1. **Secure Your Garage**: Ensure your garage has strong locks. 

2. **Lighting**: Good outdoor lighting can deter burglars. Motion-activated lights can be particularly effective.

3. **Alarms**: Consider installing a garage alarm system to alert you.

4. **Inventory and Marking**: Keep a list of valuable items and consider marking them with a unique identifier. This can help identify stolen property if recovered.

5. **CCTV**: Consider installing security cameras around your property, including the garage area.

6 **Landscaping**: Trim bushes and trees near windows and entrances to eliminate hiding spots.

7 **Lock Doors and Windows**: Always lock all doors and windows when you’re not in your garage.